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Do you agree that we should not be cruel to animals? Do you long for a more meaningful life filled with love and compassion? Would you like to live in optimal health, maintain a healthy weight and enjoy amazing cuisine? Well, question no more!  We are here to change your life!

Veganism is an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle!

  • By avoiding and not ingesting animal products, you experience a lighter feeling in your body because you are not supporting cruelty or consuming violence.
  • Vegans enjoy vibrant health, maintain a healthy weight and many report feeling a deeper connection to the natural world and having greater compassion.
  • You will enjoy profound health benefits on a plant based diet as endorsed by Cornell University, The American Dietetic Association, and many other reputable health experts who state that vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other health problems.

Rogue Valley Vegans is in celebration of life ... all life! 

We offer lively product and restaurant reviews, recipes, and many other resources to support and inspire.