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    Where, Who and Why You Are

Mapping Human Consciousness is a book for explorers.

It is a book of navigational charts — maps — that are intended to help humanity explore the dimensional nature of human consciousness.

To grasp its insights and meaning ...

and to be able to work with the tools it offers, you will need an open mind and a rare quality of personal courage. You must be willing to explore new worlds without depending upon conventional wisdom or popular beliefs. It isn't a journey for the shy or the faint of heart.

If you are willing ...

Mapping Human Consciousness can be your guide on a journey through the elements, workings and boundaries of the consciousness body — the three dimensional, integrated, organic structure of human consciousness. Allow yourself to discover insights into questions about self, and about individual and collective identities, desires, conduct and awareness. Explore and recognize the changing contours of human consciousness, and discover the where, the who, and the why you are.


  • I'm excited for this - even if it takes me a trillion lifetimes to understand it! You're an inspiration to us all [for] completing this and getting it out there. Amazing.

    — Mathew B, United Kingdom
  • It’s extraordinary. I’m not going to get carried away here but let me say that I think you’ve conceived and created something that is timeless, something that resonates, something that will serve as a paradigm for understanding the structure and genesis of consciousness.

    — Michael R, Boston
  • I am continually surprised and in awe of what I hold in my hands. Through some deep meditation and percolating, I can, with confidence say that I could converse with 'interested' people in the language of the 'Work' without hanging too long on any limb. Reading this book feels like swinging from vine to vine at the top of the consciousness canopy.

    — John D, Ashland
  • When I opened the book, I was secretly hoping for some kind of sorcery but instead it was like walking through a maze of mirrors, every page I turned, I was looking at me.

    — Julie D, Carlsbad